Opto22 GRV-IRTD-8
Analog input, 8 channels, tempature/RTD or resistor

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    The GRV-IRTD-8 analog input module is part of the groov EPIC® system. This module provides 8 input channels, each individually software configurable.

    This module is commonly used for 3-wire RTD temperature inputs but is also suited to high-resolution resistance measurements. You can individually configure each of the module's 8 channels for a
    fixed range in ohms or choose from two methods of auto-ranging:
    • Full Auto-range—The module scrolls up and down the entire set of ranges and dynamically chooses the appropriate range for best resolution. Note that this channel type can result in higher latency when ranging up; the data returned is resistance in ohms.
    • Auto-range Down—The module scrolls down and up within the specified range limit. If the value goes above the specified range, the module issues an out-of-range value (16-bit). These channel types allow auto-ranging within the selected range but limit the data latency when ranging up. The data returned is resistance in ohms.
    The GRV-IRTD-8 module does not offer channel-to-channel isolation, so make sure you use isolated RTD probes.

    The GRV-IRTD-8 module mounts on a groov EPIC® chassis with a GRV-EPIC-PR1  processor and assorted discrete, analog, and serial groov I/O modules.