Opto22 GRV-ITR-12
Analog input, 12 channels, temperature/thermistor or resistor

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    The GRV-ITR-12 module is part of the groov EPIC® system. This module has 12 channels of analog to digital conversion that convert resistance to temperature or to Ohms.

    The module is ideal for NTC thermistors commonly used in HVAC, refrigeration, and process control applications. It may also be used with PTC thermistors in resistance sensing applications. The module has 12 channels of analog to digital conversion that convert resistance to temperature or to Ohms. The module reads variable resistance type transducers, with input ranges from 500 Ohms to 400 K Ohms, plus Autorange. You can also select from predefined curves for popular thermistors, as well as create custom curves.

    The GRV-ITR-12 module mounts on a groov EPIC® chassis with a GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor and assorted discrete, analog, and serial groov I/O modules.